The GRAVITYMASTER range of watches is built to withstand external shocks, centrifugal forces and vibrations. Everything right down to the smallest detail is designed specifically for use when flying including an intelligent timekeeping system, configured to provide accurate time information anywhere in the world.
Gravitymaster Series:
Gravitydefier GWA1100 series
Gravitydefier GA1100 Series
Gravitydefier GA1000 Series
The Gravitymaster is equipped with GPS Hybrid Wave Ceptor, Dual World Time, Tough Solar, LED Illuminator and Sapphire Crystal with non-reflective coating

Gravitydefier GWA1100 Series:
The Gravitydefier GWA1100 series is equipped with Multiband 6, Neobrite and LED Illuminator, Sapphire Crystal with non-reflective coating, Digital Compass and Tough Solar.
Gravitydefier GA1100 Series:
The Gravitydefier GA1100 is equipped with Twin sensors; Compass and Thermometer, Neobrite and LED Illuminator and Dual Dial World Time.
Gravitydefier GA1000 Series:
The Gravitydefier GA1000 is equipped with Twin sensors: Compass and Thermometer, Neobrite and a Neon Illuminator.